I have my slides ready for a discussion with the FLNW gang tomorrow
– UTC 8am Wednesday in Jokadia and Skypecast. Thanks to Peter Shanks wonderful FlickrCC for helping generate the slides. I’m hoping for some discussion about our work here developing open education at Otago Polytechnic.

So The Future of Learning in a Networked World (FLNW) 2008 has started! What was originally a mad dash across New Zealand by a group of non stop and intense educationalists back in 2006, is now a group in Thailand touring schools, and another group online hosting a series of online events from Second Life to Skypecast.

First off the ranks was Leo Wong from China giving as a very open, honest and emotionally moving account of his attempts at using Web2 in his teaching. Already Alex has uploaded a rough edit of the audio recording, I have started a text transcription, Brent has cleaned up the audio and added intro and outros and posted it to Archive, and Stephan has followed up with Leo for a second interview! Leo Wong’s slides he prepared a day or two before his interviews are available on Slideshare. Powerfull collaboration across 3 different countries in the space of 12 hours. Expect more.

The FLNW Itinerary is still being filled up and adjusted by the minute, and the blog struggles to keep up with all that is happening and happened.

Beth Kanter went to Skypecast 2 hours ago, I am bumbed I missed it due to a work commitment, but Stephan Ridgway caught a recording and will be posting it anytime soon. I hear it was a really good dicussion and I’m looking forward to my chance to join in asynchronously…

The Thailand gang are meeting up in a few hours at the Manorah Hotel in Surawongse in Bangkok and so will begin their tour on Thai schools.

And all that was just today! Tomorrow looks to be a biggen!! Starting UTC 1am Wednesday in Jokaydia, the original FLNW tourers will meet up and reminisces the madness of the NZ tour. And then at 3am UTC Teemu Leinonen and I will continue our heady conversations about open educational resource development peppered with a bit of groups and networks debate in the UBC Colosseum in Second Life.

It goes on! Harold Jarche at 8pm UTC. Nancy White at 10pm UTC…

But there is still room for more in the following days. We expect to get audio recordings in from the Thailand group through those days, and I hope to pin Steven Parker down for a chat about Networked Learning in the Tourism and Hospitality sector… so watch that wiki page!