Well, here it is – the talk I ended up giving in Tasmania. It wasn’t quite the doozy I was hoping for and as always my nerves got the better of me, but it seemed to go down well if the after talk discussion is anything to go by.

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Sunshine are just about to head out and see a friend for dinner and a Kubrick movie, so I might just paste some notes I typed up on the plane back home. I will pad these notes out some more tomorrow.


Some URLS I picked up at the conference


  • Exile – Black and white made in Tasmania


  • Pemulwuy – About the NSW wars
  • Henry Reynolds – Fate of a Free People
  • Richard Flannagan – The Unknown Terrorist
  • Richard Florida – The Creative Class


  • Look up Ireland’s plain English initiative
  • Look up Meyer’s Key Competencies
  • French have a large RPL system


  • Hypothetical
  • Too many cooks
  • Free education – where did all the money go?
  • Industrial training for a post industrial age
  • Ecological (and to a large extent social) sustainability totally absent from the dialog
  • The new speak – participation vs in work
  • Enterprise vs education institution
  • Survey of Tas Innovation
    • Measuring firms of 5 or more likely misses Tasmania’s largest industry (small business)
    • Small business would likey be the more innovative sector (tourism, design, culture, entertainment, media production, architects, politicians, NGOs, RTOs, volunteers)
    • What is innovation to the survey?
    • Does it include adoption of computers and digital inormation systems? Is that innovation?
    • Misses the brain that has already drained from Tasmania