Alex Hayes points to a very interesting recording of a presentation by Tim Anderson, Director of the Department of Education’s IT set up in NSW Australia (Link joke – couldn’t find anything much about Tim online hey!).

In this recording Tim basically comes on board to an approach to ICTs in education that many of us have been crying out for for about 4-5 years now – save the idea of throw away computers! where Tim and DET are looking for ICT devices to provide everyone for under AU$500.. weird Ozzies sounding distinctly prescriptive again… can I use my Asus eee if I want Tim? What about the XOs, will they work? Great to hear GNU/Linux being acknowledge for education at last!

It is interesting to listen to the language being used by Tim, and in it hear the new face of central command. Even more interesting is to listen to the emboldened audience members challenge Tim at the end of his talk. 4 – 5 years is a long time to work under the iron curtain of DET ITD, and to hear them come around to a better way of thinking is great, but bitter sweet in his responses.

Many thanks the Stephan for the recording.