I’ve been waiting for something authoritative to appear online, and Phil Ker’s post is it so far. Phil makes mention of the International Centre for Open Educational Resources (or will that be Reform?) to be established by Otago Polytechnic. From what I know, the Centre will be independent to the Polytechnic but the Polytechnic will partly fund it for its first 3 years. The Centre will be directed by Wayne Mackintosh after he exits the Commonwealth of Learning in April 2009. Wayne intends to make the Wikieducator project one of the primary projects of the Centre along with working towards finiancially sustaining the Centre within 3 years.

I’ve had very little to do with the planning of this Centre and it came as a surprise to me as much as anyone. My work will continue as normal in the Educational Development Centre in Otago Polytechnic – helping staff at Otago Polytechnic to understand OER, helping staff and students to develop new information literacies, and assisting in the development of new and existing courses at the Polytechnic. I will have little to do with the Centre apart from one of my professional expertise being OER, and so I imagine I will communicate with the Centre in terms of what Otago Polytechnic is doing as one of the many members of the Centre.

I hope the Centre will help to establish Open Educational Resources/Reform as common practice in New Zealand and Internationally.