Front cover to original NZTE text

Front cover to original NZTE text

I’m happy to be able to say that the wonderful people at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) have given us permission to make a derivative of their very useful text, Starting a Business: Determine whether your business idea will work. The additions that Otago Polytechnic will be making (pending funding) will be to add a chapter to it on sustainability in business, a new layout in a variety of formats, and a range of support media and short seminars and workshops to go with it. The derivative content we make will be released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.

Currently I am considering ways to publish the derivative text. Building on the success of the Anatomy and Physiology of Animals text, we will probably follow the Wikibooks and combination, with additional distribution channels like Google Docs and

The main thing we need here is a high quality text, with supporting resources and events that will assist our students from all areas in planning for small business. Using the NZTE text as a basis will help ensure that what we do will compliment and perhaps integrate with existing business support services around New Zealand, as from what I can tell most of these services seem to be using this text as a standard.

The distribution of the derivative will ensure that as many people as possible will have access to the text, and with the unique features of the respective publishing platforms. For example, Wikibooks and its translation community as well as its new and improved Make a Book and Print to PDF; for its archiving and audio books development; GoogleDocs and its ability to offer both web based and downloadable edit files; and for its printing and binding on demand as well as sales management.

Our development process will likely be:

  • Write sustainability chapter, sections and plan templates
  • Edit original NZTE files with additional chapter in Open Office and export to MediaWiki text
  • Upload MediaWiki export text files to a new Wikibook
  • Develop graphics, illustrations and photos for each chapter and section and upload these to Wikimedia Commons
  • Add graphics, illustrations and photos to the Wikibook
  • Add graphics, illustrations and photos to the Open Office Text file and upload to Google Docs
  • Upload the PDF and cover art to
  • Upload all media and edit files to

At the same time, Hillary and I will develop a schedule for the course using the enveloped learning model.

Now, about that development funding…?