I’ve started running social media workshops at a local Community Learning Centre.

These workshops are potentially part of a bigger course that is under development, but for now they are simply a free support effort for staff, students and public interested in the use of social media like blogs, wikis, rss and multi media.

The workshops are on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm and the first session was fully subscribed. I gave a lecture style over view of what social media entails (summarised on the social media blog) so that participants had a clearer idea of what they might be getting in to. Then we discussed what the following 5 nights might cover.

Tonight I will help those who remain interested to establish a blog, use a social bookmarking system, and set up an RSS newsreader. I think everyone agreed that these things seemed to be the best place to start.

Next week we will hopefully get into multi media like Youtube and Second Life, but we’ll just let the interest of the participants guide it as much as possible. It may turn out that the group splits focus in various things, especially if we can develop a self help kind of approach to things as much as possible. It will be interesting to see how this open and more community engaged approach works out, and even more interesting to see how it filters back into teaching and learning at the Polytechnic.