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10 Minute Lecture – George Siemens – Curatorial Teaching

George Siemens gave a 15 minute talk on his concept of curatorial teaching. It is a very thought provoking idea and generated quite a lot of good discussion afterwards. Elluminate recording – no login MP3 recording of presentation MP3 recording of discussion Slides in Slideshare


Sometimes, people come into my office area and in an effort to strike up conversation or something they say, “lectures are so old school don’t you think..?”. I don’t know what to say to a statement like that. I don’t want to discourage their attempt to show how progressive a thinker they are… but I […]

10min lectures – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach – The Art of Building Virtual Communities

Early on in this course, many of us were enthusiastic for Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’ s article The Art of Building Virtual Communities. The tips in that article have received wide acclaim in the comments and other people’s blogging. We were lucky to have Sheryl join us with a 10 minute lecture and then discussion on Tuesday […]

10min lectures – Nancy White – looking over our shoulders

This week’s guest lecture was a biggy. We were very lucky to have the famous Nancy White talk with us from the lovely Seattle USA on Tuesday 12noon NZST. Nancy suggested that we watch this animation about Peer Assist before we met. (After you click play, the movie will have to load a little before […]

10min lectures – Konrad Glogowski – Classrooms as Third Places

Konrad Glogowski (that’s him on the right) joined us for the 2nd in a series of 10 minute lectures relating to the facilitation of online learning communities. In this recording Konrad talks about developing a sense of community and individual presence before attempting formal learning. Konrad talks to his middle school teaching experiences but his […]

10min lectures – James Farmer – Identity and Ownership

James Farmer joined us for the first in a series of 10 minute lectures relating to the facilitation of online learning communities. James talks about identity and ownership in online learning. Specifically comparing typical learning management system environments to blogs. Recording of the Elluminate session MP3 audio recording of lecture only MP3 audio recording of […]

Computer Mediated Social Networking: Dunedin Conference 2008

Sarah Stewart has picked up on a conference taking place here in Dunedin that I know very little about. Part of me is offended that I know so little about a conference being organised in my home town without any of the organisers talking to me directly about it. But universities are a bit like […]

I know what happened to podcasting, but what happened to audio blogging?

Here I am, on a lovely and sunny Sunday morning about to commit to another day of good old digging in my back yard. We have a steep section, and I just seem to end up doing a lot of digging in it. Mainly to terrace it off and make flat spaces for the day […]

To facilitate or to teach

As I teach and facilitate various online courses this year, a lot of the theories and concepts I subscribe to are getting some hard testing. The biggest challenge I am finding is the expectation for a teacher or instructor while everyone talks about a facilitator. I don’t think someone can be both, primarily because a […]

SLENZ (Midwifery) – Ideas for stage 1 – Virtual Birthing Unit

Last week I posted a process for developing educational resources through Second Life. We are still sorting out terminology but we agree with the general direction and so can proceed – thinking about better terminology as we go. We have 3 projects to pass through this process: Foundation interview skills Midwifery Second Life orientation The […]