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Individualism, mind and state, networks and groups

Grand Dad once said to me, “there are 3 things a man should never talk about: politics, religion and another man’s woman”… Clearly I didn’t take that advice on, or was unable to avoid the numerous lanes into those subjects along life’s path. I think it’s sound advice, if you can get past the harmless […]

Groups and/or networks… the future of learning in a networked world

Home from the FLNW tour and man! am I tired. The picture on the left represents one of the most significant realisations for me. A realisation to do with ideas of groups, class, networks, individualism, and connectedness. Right from the start, Stephen Downes objected to being expected to participate in the group. It wasn’t the […]

Slides for FLNW – Ed Dev at OP

I have my slides ready for a discussion with the FLNW gang tomorrow – UTC 8am Wednesday in Jokadia and Skypecast. Thanks to Peter Shanks wonderful FlickrCC for helping generate the slides. I’m hoping for some discussion about our work here developing open education at Otago Polytechnic. So The Future of Learning in a Networked […]

Time to read helps one to listen

Its a beautiful day outside. I’m spending it building a wardrobe in the bedroom. And while I wait for the batteries on the cordless drill to recharge, I’m finally catching up on my long neglected bloglines. I highly value Stephen Downes’ recent critique the Cape Town Declaration. I started reading the declaration yesterday, but quickly […]

SLENZ (Midwifery) – Ideas for stage 1 – Virtual Birthing Unit

Last week I posted a process for developing educational resources through Second Life. We are still sorting out terminology but we agree with the general direction and so can proceed – thinking about better terminology as we go. We have 3 projects to pass through this process: Foundation interview skills Midwifery Second Life orientation The […]

Facilitating Online Communities Mini Conference 2 – 9 November 2008

Participants in the Facilitating Online Communties course have come together to coordinate an online mini conference. Below are the range of events scheduled so far. Keep an eye on the conference wiki for up to the minute details. See you there! A mini conference for Facilitating Online From Facilitating online communities Date: 2 – 9 […]

Networked informal || grouped non formal

I am having trouble getting my comments to appear on Teemu’s blog, so I’ll post them here and perhaps drag other’s into the debate kicking and screaming 🙂 Teemu Leinonen posts an interesting summary of an idea for a presentation at the next Future of Learning in a Networked World non-conference. As an aside, I […]

Educational Development at Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic has adopted a Creative Commons Attribution copyright license and has been using the Wikieducator platform with other popular media sharing services to develop and publish Open Educational Resources and Practices. This article outlines some of the steps that the Polytechnic has taken, as well as some of the challenges being faced, and a […]

online offline literacy exchange

Janet Hawtin has posted an idea that really gets me thinking. We should combine the literacy skills of online and offline researchers and communicators. Because these are subtle and personal customisations for specific contexts this means they are diverse. As a community we are developing social skills around finding and filtering for our own personal […]

When the network disappoints

When I worked for the Australian Trade Office in Taiwan, part of my job was to communicate with journos. Journos aren’t my favorite type of people to say the least, but expat journos seem to be the best of a bad lot. Dunno why really, perhaps its just that they have a more global perspective, […]