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I’ve been uploading educational content into wikiversity like a man possessed. But today, wikiversity’s servers went down, and its been like that all day 😦 so I’m forced to look for more reliable services. Its a good thing when this happens actually. Leaving aside the inconvenience, It keeps me on my toes and therefore reasonably knowledgeable of a broader range of services as I go shopping for a backup. (its worth noting that our own internally managed systems go down for much longer than a day at times, so forget about adding a comment along those lines).

So while I was cursing the small inconvenience this downtime has caused Brent Simpson pops up in my Gtalk box to show me the tutorials for using wikieducator.

And there’s where I’ll be taking my work. Wikieducator also uses the mediawiki platform so its basically a simple process of copy n paste from wikiversity to wikieducator to get my resources up and available again.

Wikieducator, which is facilitated by the Commonwealth of Learning has made fantastic progress since last I looked! Apart for a range of great tutorials, the key players in wikieducator have been more innovative and experimental in my view. They now have a web based IRC chat facility on the main nav – which is getting closer to Teemu’s vision of a VOIP supported community learning network; they support media embedding, they use funky templates to play around with navigation and content layout, and they already have some significant contributions:

  1. English tutorials
  2. Maths
  3. Computer navigator
  4. The open educational content project

And the old eXe project is right in there amongst it all, hopefully working out a way to format to and out of wikitext so that wikieducator (or any mediawiki content for that matter) can be made more interoperable with other platforms like the die hard LMSes.. loath the day 😦

So Wikieducator has scored big points in my books over wikiversity, and while the tow platforms both say they do different things, I don’t see the difference. Which is a real shame, because they are both aiming for the same thing – a global platform for the open sharing and collaborative development of quality learning spaces. Which is why I think they should join forces and rename themselves because let’s face it, they ARE doing very similar things, they are diluting each other’s efforts, and both their name’s suck.


I had a very interesting phone conversation with Cormac Lawler today. Cormac is an experienced user, researcher and collaborative coordinator of wikiversity. In it we talked about the history of wikiversity, the possible structure and uses for it, some issues and considerations, and future developments.

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