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Talk: Assessment in open access and flexible learning courses

mp3 file on We are having a day of professional development here at Otago Polytechnic today, and I’ve been asked to give a talk on assessment in open access and flexible learning courses at 2.40pm today NZ time (2.40am UTC) which is in about 30 minutes from now. Although the talk is taking place […]


About to develop another model for open access education

Last week, our Business School took a day to meet, along with external people like myself, and business and community spokes people, to discuss the future of the School and its services. It was interesting to participate in the process. While it had its boggy patches and sensitive areas, it was good to see by […]

Educational Development at Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic has adopted a Creative Commons Attribution copyright license and has been using the Wikieducator platform with other popular media sharing services to develop and publish Open Educational Resources and Practices. This article outlines some of the steps that the Polytechnic has taken, as well as some of the challenges being faced, and a […]

Flexible learning in New Zealand – part 4

Dave over at Massage Therapy has been thinking about some of my ideas on flexible learning development and mixing them up with his own. His post reminded me that I need to update the flexible learning in New Zealand series. This post relates directly to the ideas that Dave is stewing, although I will use […]

What would it be like to be the rain

A few days ago I posted an idea called out from under the umbrellas, of why and how educational institutions should decentralise Tonight is an idea of how formal teaching and learning, assessment and accreditation might occur in that decentralised educational context. I was reading Artichoke’s latest post, Nobody owns it, everybody can use it […]

The only thing worth teaching is how to learn

4am.. yep its another one of those sleepless mornings when counting sheep just won’t settle the mind. Its like waiting for santa on christmas eve, or going through your paces before a big game… this time its what I’m going to say in the 10 minutes I’ve got today to sum up everything I represent […]