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I just realised, I’ve been edublogging for 4 years now. I started in November 2004, and while that doesn’t make me an early adopter, I was there the year it all changed.

It is interesting to look back and see elements of consistency in my writing, and not too many embarrassing moments. Needless to say (to those who do blog their interests) I have learned a lot through expression of opinion which attracts the odd helpful comment and citations; not to mention the learning just through multiple attempts to explain an idea; and the connections I have made with people around the world through this little reacher-outerer.

I still remember the morning Sean FitzGerald emailed to congratulate me on being cited by Downes 🙂 who remains today, the only A-lister who consistently reaches back into the tail to bring forward new voices on a very regular basis. Good on you SD!

I’m not sure how to tell who my oldest reader is, especially seeing as I regretably moved from Blogger to WordPress back in 2006, but I know it was Kylie Rowsell who showed me my first blog and Adam Bramwell who taught me how (both Newcastle Australia folk). Them were the days. I suspect it might be Rose Grosdanic, Sean FitzGerald, Steven Parker, and not long after – Stephen Downes who are the longest term readers of this blog.. not that I hear much from any of them after that rather severe dose of NZ reality I dropped them in back in 2006

Others in that NZ reality say blogging is dead and even rejoice the day when some of us are killed off in the forward lines so they can pick over what remains.

Anyway, its been an intensly interesting 4 years and I’ll keep going at it. Especially adding to LifeSouth and 100somerville a lot more these days. Thanks for being there and leaving the odd comment or joining in a little chin wag with each other y-all 🙂



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