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Stephen Downes

Stephen Downes

SD (Stephen Downes) is a legend. A google alert prompted me to his blog just now because he mentioned my last post. One of the category words for his post was my name. I clicked it of course (have done before mind you, just not for a while) and what reveals is a fascinating overview of some my edublogging since 2005! Well, it is to me because all those citations from SD mean a lot to me!

But what’s more important about SDs work here, is that he is an “A-lister” who is always reaching back into the “Long Tail” and pulling people up the front for a bit. Not enough A-lister’s do it. I think its a trait of original blogging prowess. Something Mark Bernstein inspired me to think about when he spoke in Sydney at the BlogTalk Downunder 2005.

Thanks again Stephen.