I’m in a meeting chaired by consultant Steve Henry who is facilitating our organisation’s plan and efforts towards a sustainability action.

Taking from a model:

A = Awareness of sustainability

B = Baseline Audit

C = Compelling vision

D = Steps to get there

Steve has identified several strands to work on:

Staff Development

Steve is moving around the different departments to gather information to do with the first 2 steps in the model. He is gathering perseptions of firstly “what is good”, then “what we are doing”, then “what we could do”.

So far he has gathered encouraging stories and ideas and plans to write them up. (I hope he will blog as he goes actually 😉 and he says that environmental sustainability is the relatively easy step – compared to achieving better capability among staff to collaborate! Skills to collaborate is a key to achieving sustainable practices.Operations

There is a power management plan being developed by the property and services unit.

Half a dozen bicycles will be purchased and made available for short journeys around town.

A staff wellness programme.. missed the outline for this

Research being conducted by product designers into best automobiles to purchased into the organisation’s fleet.

Curriculum (formal courses)

Barry Law and Sam Mann are heading off a project to research ways of integrating sustainability into curriculum. There is a wiki set up to capture the application for the research project. The Educational Development Centre is being looked at as a possible facilitator of integrating sustainability into curriculum.

Outreach (Sustainable Otago)

Friday the 18th and Wednesday 25th is a wast e management day where a group will pull apart a skip and analyse the waste coming out of that skip. Product design students will participate and others are welcome if you send an email to Steve to indicate you are coming.

By the end of 2008 it is hoped to have built a sustainable design expo at the Polytech. Exhibitions of building, water, energy, land use designs. Criterion for products to exhibit is being developed.

An advisor group is establishing from the different subject areas and consultancy services that will be available to offer advise from better garden designs, to car purchasing…


The student association was initially on board but more needs to be down to maintan their engagement..


I’m getting tired


There’s money for it.

I dunno! I’m out of the loop obviously. I thought I was in. Looks like there’s been lots of work going on but not a lot of in progress communication. This meeting was a big update, and there was clearly a lot of desire to contribute ideas. There needs a continuous forum going so that these meetings don’t get sidetracked by numbers of people who are not aware of what has been happening. The update tends to come as a surprise. Here’s an email forum that may achieve that.


Design has $250 000 to develop a challenge for the best sustainable home project. The organisers are in the Polytech and will organise a Polytech entry, but it entry is open to public. Challenge should be ready to be launch by the end of 2007 and will have an 18 month running period. They are putting together an organising group.