There is something I enjoy in borderline hostility at baby boomers.. but I keep it in check. Its probably just residue from rebellious youth days when it seemed like nothing could shock my boomer parents. And then there is some sort of truth in the generalisation of generations. I think it is obvious that the housing boom and bust is all just the boomers buying retirement. In fact, it would seem that everything those boomers have touched has boomed. Music, media, drugs, politics, housing, law.. you name it. Its as though you can track their generation’s interests as they grow through life, and see the impact they have had on that interest’s development.

So, now comes this chilling and arogant propaganda that pushes back on the boomers and their neo con retirement. It ignores the hedonistic x’ers who are the cynics in control now, and makes room for collective consciousness of aquariun scale. Ah.. the life time of being fed the American story line leaves me wide open for things like this.

A comment from a friend who watched it with me while we chatted:

peope are people, each generation thinks bigger and better of themselves til realities set in

i just hope its being driven BY gen we and not ageing gen x’ers that cant let go of the fact they aren’t cool anymore