Some of the signs we made for the Stop the Stadium march a couple of weeks ago

Some of the signs we made for the Stop the Stadium march a couple of weeks ago

The Educational Development Centre is having a team meeting next week, and the team leader has asked us each to outline what we have been working on. Regular readers of this blog would already be aware of most of this, but I found it good for me to stop and take stock of recent events.

Its pretty early in the “academic year” here in NZ, so I feel like I am skimming the surface of only a few things, going deeper into just a few. But then again, I seem to always work like that… So here’s a bit of a snap shot on what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve tried to group things according to the general description of my job.


  • Producing a mini video documentary for AKO about Otago Polytechnic’s efforts in open education reform… more info
  • Fulfilling a contracted role as a “learning designer” on the Second Life in Education in NZ (SLENZ) research and development project… more info
  • Testing ideas for fee-free education at OP… more info
  • Did a BlogTalk Radio (USA) interview about Otago Polytechnic developing open practices… more info
  • Participating in Otago Polytechnic’s Internationalisation project…
  • Keeping up with what’s going on in the world of educational development… more info

Programme Development

  • Developing a short course for people wanting to start a business… more info
  • Advising on curriculum development with the Tourism programme… more info
  • Preparing for the Flexible Learning course… more info

Staff development

  • Gave a talk at the Polytech PD day about assessment in an open access course… more info
  • Advising people about copyright… more info
  • Advising people about EDC support for the Blackboard to Moodle change over… more info
  • Blogs and wikis with the Tourism programme… more info
  • RSS, blogs and wikis with the Massage programme… more info
  • Helping VET nursing to develop their Anatomy text book… more info

Teaching, facilitating and assessing

  • Assessing the Facilitating Online course… more info
  • Assessing the Flexible learning course… more info
  • Facilitating the Networked Learning email forum… more info
  • Facilitating the Otago Sustainability email forum… more info