“A moblog is a blog created with a cameraphone. As in mobile phone + camera + blog = a moblog! In structure it’s very similar to a regular blog with the exception that every post contains a photo that was taken via a cameraphone and beamed directly to the blog via the cell phone’s internet capability…”

So explains moblogging.us

Yesterday I received a call from Anne Paterson. She’s keen on moblogging and we ended up chatting for over an hour about the pros and cons of it for educational use.

After I got off the phone with her, I felt I had to spend some more time looking at this moblogging business. I did give it a try back in November 04 but not much of a try, and it seems a whole new innovation and social evolution in communication has slipped me by!

Moblogging is amazing! Mainly because of the social aspect. I spent about 2 hours last night after I got of the phone with Anne, checking out the lives and interests of so many people, as seen through the eye of a mobile phone camera…

Of course there’s home porn, soft porn, belly porn, and titty porn… then there’s all sorts of stuff I’m not sure is porn or not… then there’s some really interesting artistic interpretations of moblogging… and an amazing array of just average people, pictorially documenting their everyday lives.

The feeling I get from roaming the moblogging sites is something similar to the inexplicable sensation I get watching real TV shows. Its totally voyeuristic, but more than that. Its reflective as well.

Moblogging is obviously popular with teens and young adults. So it seemed to me after looking at one moblogging service. And there’s were it fits in with education. Moblogging is one very interesting use of Internet Communications Technology that we educationalists must take note of, if only because the teens and young adults (our biggest student group) are so into it.

Anne has some great ideas on how to use moblogging in education. She’s in the TALO egroup. Maybe we should talk about it more there, and see if we can’t help her along with some more ideas…

If you have a mobile with camera that will send email (most do these days), maybe you should get started. Unfortunately I threw mine out last year when it started costing me too much money, and when I couldn’t get signal from my home – but I think I’m going to invest again…)
here’s a few links to get started with: