I’m proud to say that my boss Phil Ker has a blog. Phil is one of the most progressive education bosses I’ve met, and while blogging isn’t necessarily an indication of that, in the education sector – a CEO blog is pretty progressive.

I certainly hope Phil will use it to express and develop his ideas and network with the rest of us who do so. Phil leads and supports our work in flexible learning, recognition of prior learning, student centered ‘teaching’, and open education to name only a few of the many things I know he does. I’m looking forward to reading more about what he thinks on those things, as well as the things I don’t yet know about him and his work.

Hats off to Sarah Stewart for getting Phil to post number one.

I’ve added Phil’s blog to the list of Otago Polytechnic staff who actively blog. Of course, if “big phil” lets it slip and never posts again, we’ll have no option but to remove him from this list 😉

Next step is to see Phil using an RSS News Reader to stay in touch with the rest of us.. Sarah?